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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tour de Taverns - Poker Run Photos

Follow the link below for photos of the Tour de Taverns - Poker Run, 2008:

What a blast! Beautiful weather, some easy miles, friendly taverns, cold beer, fun competition, and everyone walked away winning some swag.
Huffy Toss Winners
Male - Josh Giffey, 53 feet and 10 inches
Female - Becky Roth, 30 feet
Plank Ride Winners
Male - Zack Giffey, Full Pass 6" and 4" planks
Female - Ana Considine, 13.3 feet on 6" plank
Slow Ride Winners
Male - Brian Fuhrmann, 3 minutes and 3 seconds
Female - Becky Roth, 23 seconds
Pixie Race
Male - Zack Giffey, 20 seconds
Female - Ana Considine, 32 seconds
$100.00 Poker Run Winner
Pair of Jacks over a Pair of Tens - Scott Baryenbruch
A big thank you to everyone that participated this year.
We'd also like to thank our sponsors:
GT Bicycles
Capitor Off Road Pathfinders (CORP)
Le Cork Wine & Spirits
E & S Electric
Badger Sporting Goods
Troll Inn
Hooterville Inn
Lucky's Bar & Grill
Grumpy Troll Brewery
Viking Biking Club - Insane Terrain Challenge
Retzlaff Families
Devon Dyreson

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to the VBC for putting together an awesome event. I'll definitely be back for the next installment. Next year some of you will have to come to the Platteville races for a good time.
Giffey #1