Tour de Taverns

Bicycle Poker Run

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tour de Taverns - Poker Run Photos

Follow the link below for photos of the Tour de Taverns - Poker Run, 2008:

What a blast! Beautiful weather, some easy miles, friendly taverns, cold beer, fun competition, and everyone walked away winning some swag.
Huffy Toss Winners
Male - Josh Giffey, 53 feet and 10 inches
Female - Becky Roth, 30 feet
Plank Ride Winners
Male - Zack Giffey, Full Pass 6" and 4" planks
Female - Ana Considine, 13.3 feet on 6" plank
Slow Ride Winners
Male - Brian Fuhrmann, 3 minutes and 3 seconds
Female - Becky Roth, 23 seconds
Pixie Race
Male - Zack Giffey, 20 seconds
Female - Ana Considine, 32 seconds
$100.00 Poker Run Winner
Pair of Jacks over a Pair of Tens - Scott Baryenbruch
A big thank you to everyone that participated this year.
We'd also like to thank our sponsors:
GT Bicycles
Capitor Off Road Pathfinders (CORP)
Le Cork Wine & Spirits
E & S Electric
Badger Sporting Goods
Troll Inn
Hooterville Inn
Lucky's Bar & Grill
Grumpy Troll Brewery
Viking Biking Club - Insane Terrain Challenge
Retzlaff Families
Devon Dyreson

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Weather looks good!

Looks like the weather is going to be on our side this Saturday. So don't hesitate to come out and join us! It won't be too long and there will be snow on the ground. That's right, I said snow.
Everything seems to be coming together well. The pixie bikes are here, and we were able to get some good distance out of the Huffy that was dug out of the trash.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Tour de Taverns Details of Event

Tour de Taverns
Poker Run


Eighteen miles of fun on Military Ridge trail, four tavern stops, four cycling challenges, and one poker hand to win the cash ($100 payout).

Meet us on October 18th at the Troll Inn, 102 S. 2nd St., Mt. Horeb.
Registration begins 9:00 am, Mass Start at 10:15 am, $20.00 entry fee.
Finish party at The Grumpy Troll Brew Pub from 3:30-5:30

What’s in it for you?
  • One poker hand with cards drawn at each of the 5 stops. (Additional hands available for $3 each.)
  • Entry to participate in Plank Ride, Pixie Races, Bike Toss, and Slow Ride cycling challenges.
  • A chance at snagging some cool raffle prizes.
  • Commemorative can koozie.

Tour de Taverns
Poker Run

The Viking Biking Club would like to welcome you and thank you for participating today.

Your contributions today will help continue to bring quality cycling events, sponsorship, and bicycle awareness to the Mt. Horeb, Blue Mounds, and Barneveld areas.

· If you drink, please drink responsibly.
· State trail pass is required.
· Helmets are required for your safety.
· Valid I.D. is required at registration and may be requested at each tavern stop.

Map and Itinerary included in this document. Each deviation off of the Military Ridge Trail will be marked with PINK arrows (look for them on the ground) on the way out to Barneveld. GREEN arrows will be used to provide direction on the way back to Mt. Horeb..

If you have questions or an emergency, please call 209-3864 or 575-9098.

Tour de Taverns Itinerary

Troll Inn, 102 S. 2nd St. Mt. Horeb
Registration and first poker card drawn.

Shelter at trailhead on South 2nd St.
Quick announcements and mass start. 5 miles/30 minutes to next stop.

Hooterville Inn, 10992 Division St., Blue Mounds
Second poker card stop. $5 lunch options available listed below. 4 miles/25 minutes to next stop.

Lucky’s Bar & Grill, 107 Cty Rd ID, Barneveld
Third poker card stop. $5 lunch options available listed below. 4 miles/25 minutes to next stop.

Blue Mounds Ball Park
Fourth poker card stop. Cycling events include Pixie Races, Plank Ride, Bike Toss, and Slow Ride competitions. 5 miles/30 minutes to next stop.

Grumpy Troll Brew Pub, 105 S. 2nd St., Mt. Horeb
Finish line party upstairs until 5:30 pm. Final poker card stop. Poker hand and cycling event winners announced. Raffle prizes to be drawn.

Lunch options available for $5:

Hooterville Inn, Blue Mounds
Hamburger, Chips, and Pickle
Braunschweiger on Rye and a Cup of Soup
Hot Ham n’ Cheese and Fries

Lucky’s Bar & Grill, Barneveld
Hamburger, Chips, and Pickle
Turkey Club, Chips and Pickle
Grilled Cheese, Fries, and Cup of Chili

Poker Rules
· $100.00 Cash prize awarded to best poker hand.
· Additional hands are available at a cost of $3 each.
· Dealer will only be present at the specified times listed in the itinerary.
· Failure to draw a card during these times forfeits your hand.
· Each participant will draw one card per hand at each stop.
· Each card drawn will be recorded on the “Master Sheet” held by the dealer. The master sheet is the undisputed record.
· Cards drawn are applied to your hand(s) in the order they are listed on the “Master Sheet.”
· No duplicate cards. If a duplicate card is drawn, it will be returned to the deck and the participant will draw again.
· At each stop, participants will draw from a full “double deck”.
· Each card drawn will be removed from the deck during that stop.
· In the event of a tie, the next highest (kicker) card may be used to determine the winner. In the event of a dead even tie, the pot will be split amongst winners.

Winning hand will be decided upon the following hand ranks:

1. Straight Flush
2. Four of a Kind
3. Full House
4. Flush
5. Straight
6. Three of a Kind
7. Two Pair
8 One Pair
9. Highest card

Cyling Challenges- Everyone is welcome an encouraged to participate is these good time events. We'll have some prizes for each male and female winner in each catagory.

Pixie Races
What's a pixie race? A pixie bike is a modified childrens bicycle to allow an adult rider. Probably not the easiest to ride, but hilarious to watch. A simple out'n'back or loop course should be very fun. Bring your cameras for some memorable pictures of your friends.

Plank Ride
You guessed it. How far can you and your bike make it down a 6" wide plank before riding off. We searched long an hard for a plank with character too; rounded edges & some nice warp should prove an extra challenge. Our plank is 4"x 6", so if we get some people that can actually make it all of the way down, we may flip it over and have a "ride off" at the 4" width.

Bike Toss
We've seen this done at other events and nothing beats the visceral experience of launching a cheap Wal-Mart bike. How far can you toss it?

Slow Ride
The distance is short and the object is to ride from start to finish as slow as you can....without putting your foot down. Touch the ground and you are out. How long can you Track Stand? Make it count, you only get to ride it once.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

One Last Hoorah!

It's been a good summer for the VBC. Hosting 1300 riders as director for the Horribly Hilly Hundreds and a respectable turnout for the newer, tougher ride, the Insane Terrain Challenge. But don't slip into winter blues thinking the riding season is almost over. There is one last ride in the works for October 18th, the Tour de Taverns - Poker Run.

What's that? You haven't been training? No worries, this ride consists of 18 miles of rail trails, 4 tavern stops, and peak fall colors. No lycra needed for this travelling circus. More details coming soon...